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Jody Bung

Jody Bung

Hatha Yoga Instructor

jody bung yoga teacher training

Yoga goes far beyond the mat for Jody Bung. It is a complete physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual practice. She believes that Yoga is for everyone at every level. It is not about how flexible or strong you are, but about having an easeful body, peaceful mind, and useful life.

Her classes consists of postures, breathing practices, and a guided deep relaxation. Her students are encouraged to explore each posture at their own pace without strain or judgment, always honoring the body. Her classes are designed to draw the practitioner into a physical and mental stillness that leads to an experience of one’s true nature of peace and happiness.

Jody began practicing Yoga in 2009 in Virginia . She studied privately under Meenakshi Angel Honig on Maui, a Senior Disciple of Sri Swami Satchidanana and received her teacher certification in Integral HathaYoga from Swami Satchidanada’s Ashram, Yogaville in Virginia.

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